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Are you looking for a distributor in consumer electronics or telecom sector? Are you looking for sales in The Netherlands and Belgium? 

How can we help jumpstart your business?

We know that most brands initially prefer a co-operation with one or two exclusive full-service distributors to handle Benelux countries. We understand the thought. It seems the fastest and most logical way for all parties.
We have a lot of experience in both vendor- and distribution environment. We have learned that it is not easy to serve all desired customers in such a construction! Most important customers have preferred suppliers (distributors, boxmover, broadliner, feeder) and they will demand using one of them. If you have an exclusive distributor it will be very expensive if you need an extra logistics hub in between. Most full service distributors have their own channel specialism so it is impossible to reach all desired customers. Recognize?
We have a large network in consumer electronics and accessories sector in retail, e-tail and distribution channels. We know their way of working, thinking, demands and we know their calculation.

What we suggest you need?
Dedicated sales! They will promise but in practice: There is no distributor who actually can. You will need someone who knows the market and someone who can hunt all future customers. Right? Let the customer decide which distributor or logistics partner handles your products. Or perhaps we can do the business directly with your customer? That is the only way to completely cover the market. Take into account that most full service distributors carry multiple brands. How can you control them giving full focus on your brands? One of our advantages is that working in our method will be a lot cheaper than usually. We do not need all of the distributor's services (sales, marketing etc).
Collectorder will build your business fully focused as your sales representative in our territory.

✔︎ Professional Independent Sales Agents
✔︎ More than 25 years of dedicated experience and results
✔︎ Large business network in Consumer Electronics and Telecom
✔︎ Retail & Distribution
✔︎ Western Europe / Benelux Countries
✔︎ Branch Office
✔︎ Marketing, Merchandising and promotion solutions
✔︎ Non-competitive multi-vendor model: Efficiency and cost reduction
✔︎ We help with logistics solutions and local stock
✔︎ Centrally based in The Netherlands


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